My Story

Well, I'm a programmer,
a web developer, and
a self-claimed graphic designer
who can't seem to keep his mouth shut
about programming, design, standards and the web.

I couldn't tell you the exact date I first started
programming, web development or graphic design.
I can tell you, however, that I've never looked back.
During my web adventures I came to find standards as a big influence in my markup, and I believe there is much more to them than purely running your code through a validator.

Sometime during my career, I realized that a good-looking design can make an otherwise average application into a good one and an otherwise good application into a great one. I found that most of my clients really don't care how cool the programming behind the scenes is, so I always strive to deliver something fresh, usable, and just plain good-looking. I believe that a good design provides users with what they came for, speaks directly to their needs, and provides them with that wonderful feeling of, "I'm glad I came to this guy !".

A wise man once told me "A programmer's job is to solve problems. Everything else is just a piece of the solution.".

I have really taken this pearl of wisdom to heart. I engage every project as a puzzle that needs to be solved. Any objects, technologies, graphics, documentation and even correspondence are merely the pieces of the puzzle that we, as developers, need to create and then to fit together. We developers are creators. We build and demolish until we are satisfied with our solutions.

I consider myself an artist, but not only with graphic design. Despite my rants about graphical design, I am a programmer first and a graphic designer second. I appreciate elegant code just as much as I appreciate pretty user interfaces. I always try to find a balance between doing things correctly and doing what will make clients happy.

I can continue on, but this is starting to feel more like a blog entry ...

Need Input!

This website is currently being re-developed and I am actively soliciting opinions from site visitor's on how I should improve it.

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